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su2 Prorider 3D kiteboard 2014

Each size has a standard colour assigned to it (these are the boards we have in stock at all times). You can choose a different colour option, however the waiting time will be longer (2-3 weeks).

su2 Prorider 3D kiteboard 2014
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su2 Prorider 3D kiteboard 2014
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su2 Prorider 3D kiteboard 2014
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SU-2 Prorider 3D 2014 kiteboard


Prorider 3D is a flagship SU-2 product, which has already developed reputation. If you haven’t heard of it yet soon you will! This is the best board for the beginning and intermediate Riders, thanks to it you will enter the whole new level of kite skills. This board forgives mistakes of beginners and highlights assets of the intermediates enabling polishing the skills to the highest possible extend.

Prorider 3D is a soft board designed for freeride. It is characterized by the high maneuverability and medium POP. It is extremely stable, thus it is recommended for all those who want to begin their adventure with kite. This board is the effect of long-lasting experiments and consults with the best Riders, which enabled creating the board which is versatile, durable and provides the biggest fun from the ride. Improving the technique has never been so easy!

This hybrid board is one of the most technologically-advanced models SU-2 has ever made.

Key characteristics of the board:          Optimal rider weight: between 60 and 90kg
       Board flexibility: 70% (enabling perfect pop as well as soft landings)
     Sizes available: 128x39cm, 132x40cm,  136x41cm ,140x42cm
      Colours: there are 8 Colours & 3 sizes look at web for size & colour
     Price: £400.00  . look at su2 web for colours (DF. DP. DB.)