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Flexifoil - Hadlow 2013 Freestyle Board Mk2

Flexifoil - Hadlow 2013 Freestyle Board Mk2
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Flexifoil Hadlow 2013 Freestyle Kitesurf Board 138/134cm Mk 2
Board and Fins only  - Pads and Straps are available from £50 to £100 a set

Aaron Hadlow and Flexifoil present, fresh for the 2012 season, a new direction for the HADLOW brand. With an unprecedented five PKRA championships behind him, Aaron has worked to develop the ultimate freestyle board that has proven its success time after time. 

Do not be put off by the big name and freestyle written on this board. We find these to be superb boards for freeriding for a very large range of kiters. The tips have a really nice progressive flex towards the outside and the larger 138cm is fantastic for nailing new jumps and unhooked tricks.

Built from the original design and shape of the late, great Colin McCulloch, the Freestyle board from HADLOW by Flexifoil, brings innovative and unique features to the world of Freestyle kitesurfing, as well as a style and look to boot.

Developed to cater for groundbreaking professionals and intermediates alike, the stability, grip and speed of the Freestyle board offer a learning curve that adapts to you, and a peak of performance that even keeps Aaron going.

"This board is the shape I worked on together with Colin McCulloch over the years that helped me to achieve 5 world championships ... it's unique flex and rocker line combined to produce amazing performance for the best of riders and a comfortable, easy ride for any one just wanting to cruise"
Aaron Hadlow - Flexifoil Kitesurfing Team Rider


Innovative Rocker

The HADLOW Freestyle presents a world's first, innovative rocker. Showcasing three stages down the centre line, combined with a normal, smooth rocker line on the rails, this unique base shape creates a concave shell in the centre, allowing for greater rocker whilst maintaining all of its speed. This setup offers a fast, smooth ride with a good grip and soft, locked in landings.

Honed, Performance Maximising Tips

The width and flexibility of tips have been designed and perfected through competition as well as Aaron's personal obsession with details and precise attitude, to offer the prefect setup, sinking the tail effectively to create maximum, trick-busting pop.

Premium Construction

Flexifoil have chosen to use one of the world's most premium snowboard manufacturers to guarantee construction techniques to match its excellent performance. We guarantee that this board will offer exceptional construction standards and take the punishment of a world champion. If Aaron can't break it on the water, we doubt you can!

Feeling and Performance

The Freestyle board is comfortable across all conditions, carving through chop with ease, but it really comes into its own in flat water, with break-neck speeds and superb grip and pop.
The board is perfectly suited to professional riders looking to excel at their own freestyle performance, but you won't be lost on it if you're at an intermediate level. Despite powering through the water, grip and stability ensure that the Freestyle board is a great learning platform if you really want to push yourself.

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