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Airush Sector V4 2013 FreeRace kiteboard---From

Airush Sector V4 2013 FreeRace kiteboard---From
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Airush Sector V4 2013 FreeRace Race Kiteboard


This vid concerns the new Sector V4.
 54 and 60 V4 . This is a handy vid useful in explaining what the boards are and the differences from last year...

Introducing the widebody revolution 4 years ago, the Sectors set the benchmark for light wind performance in an easy to use package.  As we evolved the fourth generation, the true versality of the Sectors has emerged.  The Sector V4 introduces the concept of a carving configuration in smaller sizes, while ensuring that all sizes can be used competitively in open racing formats as slalom, long distance and racing.


Progressive Ride Configuration

The Sectors feature a unique progressive ride configuration, where all sizes have a cohesive feel but become more maneuver oriented in the smaller sizes, and more lilght wind and racing oriented in the bigger sizes.  Each board is offered with an optimized fin set for the its primary use, and with the option to change the fin sets to vary the key performance characteristics.

 Sector 65 - One design

As racing has evolved we have risen to the challenger of developing a board that covers a broad range of conditions, from an easy to use dedictaed upwind race boardf to perfect light and medium wind slalom.  The new Sector  One Design opens competition to the masses, while comfortable enought to ride for fun on your days off.

Monaro V5

Our dedicated upwind race machine has another year of no comprise race development.  The Monaro V5 has been greater refined for increase planning speed, higher upwind pointing and stability downward


VXR V2 light wind kite

The success of the VXR has been the perfect platform to develop the next evolution.  The all new wingtip construction is a longer design for increased aerodynamics throughout the canopy.  The new designs have been added for wind condition specific racing adding a greater advantage over the competitor.  For extreme lightwind, the VXR V2 18 incorporates new skinner lightweight bridles, which decrease turbulance throughout the kite for better flying characteristics, no one pump, and a 3 strut design for 15-20% light er kite for 5-12 knot racing.  The VXR V2 8m has been adapted to a slightly lower aspect design taking account gusy and high winds used in Course and Slalom.