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Airush VXR V2 Kitesurfing --------from

Airush VXR V2 Kitesurfing --------from
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 Airush VXR V2 Kiteboarding Kitesurfing

The new course racer is more tactical, goes higher upwind, and faster downwind. With the advancement in riders, a kite needs to equally match their skill. The all-new VXR v2 is a testament to what we know as racing today with all new sizes, redesigned shapes, and advanced features.


We put a lot of focus on the VXR v2. As the popularity of racing grew, we were able to receive more feedback and data to improve the kites. By observing the wind range that these kites are being used in, we have added two completely new sizes, which focus on extremely light and high winds. In addition to this, we redesigned the wingtips adding greater balance. As the performance base of the VXR v2 has increased – Tuning and Adjusting to the wind conditions are absolutely essential. You can read all about this throughout the VXR v2 webpage and in the booklet located inside the kite.