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Reel leash

Reel leash
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 reel leash Oceanus make

The REEL leash is built from the same heavy duty workings of the heavy duty leash, but has a lighter weight body so it is less intrusive when it is being used, it also comes with a rope leash about 3 foot long between the leash and the board, this helps to eliminate the problem of the fins or sharp rail of the board cutting through the webbing of the leash, the best the Oceanus make.

The leash attaches on the side of your harness next to your spreader bar, the webbing attachment attaches on top of the board using the fin screws to hold it in position.

The Leash is designed to snap or break if the pressures exceed the limits of the webbing or the metal clip, so you have some small cheap links to replace, rather than damaging your back, or ripping a corner off your board, ideal for the beginner intermediate, that does not want to keep body dragging back to his board.

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