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Ozone C4 2013 Water Relaunchable SLE Kite

C4 - FREESTYLE Progressive Newschool & Freeride. The new C4 has been completely redesigned with progressive newschool & free riders in mind.

Ozone C4 2013 Water Relaunchable SLE Kite
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Ozone C4 2013

The Ozone C4 bridges the gap between flat kites and the classic C-shape kites offering a more “grunty” feel whilst having heaps of de-power and amazing water re-launch characteristics.

During the development process Ozone discovered that the C4 is an amazing all rounder. No question for free-stylers it rocks, great unhooked performance and nice pop. In the waves its outstanding, the c-shape gives fast handling and the depower gives you the chance to ride the wave without too much power coming from the kite unless you need it.

The usability of the C4 makes it so easy to use that literally anyone can use it. If you think the C4 is too hard core for you, you might be wrong! This is a kite that anyone can use and have an awesome session on no matter where you ride or your level.

Unhooked riding is made simple due to the direct handling and easy to find pop. Hooked in, the kite gives you that blast off feeling as you bury the edge of your board and hang on as it rockets you skyward. A true Free Ride kite for the progressive rider.

A new plan form along with reshaping the leading edge and wing tips, all adding to a more powerful and faster turning kite. It still excels unhooked, still loves the gusts and keeps its huge ‘One Kite’ wind range.

The Ozone C4 has a progressive curve across the leading edge which is swept back. The Y bridle back line configuration ensures the power from the back lines is applied to the correct part of the tip during the turn to keep the power constant and direct. The turn is initiated at the bottom of the tip, creating a faster reaction time, then, as the kite moves through the turn, the power is smoothed out and comes from further up the tip until it reaches the top of the bridle. Again, No Pulleys in the kite = equals more DIRECT TIP STEERING and that good ole Ozone feel.

The Ozone C4 comes with the “One-Pump” inflation system to maximize efficiency and get you on the water quicker. Simply pump air into the leading edge and the entire kite inflates together simultaneously.

The One-Pump system has clips to shut off pressure to individual struts, which is recommended to isolate each strut once inflated. Ozone has implanted neoprene covers over the clips and connection points to protect them during use and when packed away.

This simple yet effective device can be rolled back when using the clip and then replaced to guard it. Ozone is a License payee of the Patent approved One-pump system.

When you purchase a kite from Sports Corner, water or land, you will receive the first repair free - within reason. This offer can be transferred to other kites you have or a friend even Free safety lesson.