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  Flexifoil Buzz £54. & BIG BUZZ £74. 2 line power kite TRANING BEG/EXP


The Flexifoil Buzz is Flexifoil's new performance two-line soft foil kite which is a huge amount of fun to fly.

It is a perfect entry level kite for anyone and everyone who wants to try kiting.

The new two-line soft foils are both completely new kites for with improved flying characteristics and better stability making it even easier for young or new flyers to enjoy the sport.

The Flexifoil Buzz has very controllable power and is ideal for kids above 6 years of age whilst the Big Buzz has a bit more power and is great for bigger kids of 8 years+ or adults who just want an easy kite to fly.

They are both very portable and pack away into compact stuff bags with a wide opening for easy access.

They will easily fit into a suit case or rucksack so you can take them with you wherever you go.

Even if you already own bigger kites, it’s always worth having one in your kite bag for your friends and family to fly.

The Flexifoil Buzz has been designed with the same care as Flexifoil's more advanced kites and so they fly very well in both light and strong winds with excellent stability, even at the edges of the wind window.

The Flexifoil Buzz and Big Buzz come complete with flying lines and wrist straps and are ready to fly.

There is very little set up required as the flying lines are pre-attached to the kite and the wrist straps – simply unwind the flying lines and you are ready to fly!

It flies equally well in both light and strong winds with very good stability at the edges of the wind window.