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flexifoil Sting------------from
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The Flexifoil Sting is ideal for the first time kiter, with simple to control and exceptionally stable flying characteristics.
The Flexifoil Sting is easy to fly, with simple direct control that really makes you feel that you are really connected to the kite.
Good, solid power is delivered with clean, steady acceleration right across the wind-window.
Completely new design and canopy shape:
The canopy of the new Flexifoil Sting has been completely redesigned using the latest Flexifoil R & D design processes. This has enabled Flexifoil to develop a kite with amazing flying characteristics.

The new ‘leading edge’ gauze mesh provides the kite with exceptional stability meaning that you do not need to worry about it folding or falling even in gusty wind conditions. This has also led to the easy re-launch facility.
The Flexifoil Sting is one of the easiest kites ever to re-launch. Just moving one handle allows the kite to roll off its leading edge. The Flexifoil Sting then flips upright and smoothly flies back up into the air! The Flexifoil Sting redefines the power kite.
It is a simple, patient and stable kite to fly which helps new kiters develop their flying skills in a safe and comfortable way.
Extended size range:
The Flexifoil Sting size range has been extended. The new 3.3m really packs a punch and bridges the gap between power kite and traction kite. Whilst the larger flyer will enjoy it as a gutsy, fun recreational kite, smaller flyers will discover the ultimate in introductory traction kites. With controllable power and swift turning response it easily fulfils both roles.
High Wind - Ultra Stable - Safe Traction:
The Flexifoil Sting also has a place in the kit bag for advanced kite buggy pilots as an ultra stable, high-wind traction engine. During testing the Sting was used in winds exceeding 50mph!
As this kite is so unbelievably stable, non aggressive and super strong, kiting in conditions that would otherwise be classed as unsuitable is now possible due to the Sting’s gust absorbing properties (Flexifoil do recommend that you upgrade the flying lines if you are planning to use this kite for this purpose).