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pkd buster soulfly pro Power Traction Kite 2013 -----from

pkd buster soulfly pro Power Traction Kite 2013 -----from
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pkd buster soulfly pro 2013 1.5m £97 2.2m £146 3.3m £166 4.4m £202

The performance is better than the Buster III.  The 1.5m stays as polyester kite and the rest of the kites are nylon lightweight material.

Let me know how many you would like ph bill sports corner.

Buster Soulfly

We are pleased to introduce the new BUSTER Soulfly series, which will replace the BUSTER III and the BROOZA III series.
The BUSTER Soulfly is a complete new 4 line design for traction beginners and intermediate flyers.
It can be flown with 4-line handles.

Distinctive PKD Tribal artwork on top and bottom of sail
Reinforced bridle attachement points
Reinforced nose profile for better launch
48 gr/m² fabric
Velcro Dirt outs
Impressive performance combined with easy control and landing
Large wind range
Great upwind performance and stability
Safe handling

BUSTER Soulfly kite, PKD 4-line handles, , 20m Dyneema flying lines SK75 - 200/90 kg, ground pegs,
sand bags, kite killers, Soulfly back pack (large enough for handles and bar), detailed PKD manual.

When you purchase a kite from Sports Corner, water or land, you will receive the first repair free - within reason. This offer can be transferred to other kites you have or a friend even Free safety lesson.