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FLEXIFOIL 4 kite/only

Introducing the new Flexifoil Blurr Traction Kite from Flexifoil!The Flexifoil Blurr is a kite with one mission – speed! It’s designed specifically for buggying and getting you from point A to point B and back again - fast. Countless other kites offer great speed performance but none have the levels of stability and simplicity of the Blurr.Moving into the specialised arena of speed buggying has never been easier or more accessible so if you’re currently flying a Bullet, Rage or Blade and want to go faster the Flexifoil Blurr will give you a phenomenal leap in speed.The Flexifoil Blurr is the culmination of two years work with a simple objective - realising controllable speed. Having this pure concept to work towards has enabled Flexifoil to design a kite that does exactly what it was built to do and the final product speaks for itself. The results of this major investment includes a completely bespoke and highly advanced aerofoil to provide amazing speed alongside rock-solid stability and a new high aspect ratio design to reduce drag, increasing the speed of the kite through the sky and generating even more power.The launch of the Flexifoil Blurr also sees the debut of the new ProLink 4-Line Handles from Flexifoil. This new control option is the perfect partner for the Blurr, giving you a totally connected experience and cleaner strop-management via an innovative new pin system.The Flexifoil Blurr delivers direct, smooth handling at very high speeds but with a level of exceptionally user-friendly stability that means all competent kiters will be able to enjoy it's turbo charged performance.The Flexifoil Blurr makes buggying and landboarding at high speeds easy and with no sudden surprises!Complete with Triple 'A' Bridle Adjuster System, as first seen on the Flexifoil Blade, you can set the Flexifoil Blurrs' angle of attack to suit your style of riding on the day!

Available in: 2.5m, 3.5m, 5.0m and 7.0m kite/only Standard Flying Quad Line Set - 200kg x 100kg - 25m -

Particularly ideal for kite buggying, landboard and snow kiting, the Flexifoil Blurr is available as a kite only version or with handles, lines or with a control bar option.

If you want to own only one kite for all traction kite activities, this is it.

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RTF 4 line Set 23 m lines & standard Handles 35 cm £44not flexifiol

RTF 4 line Set 25 m lines & standard Handles 45 cm £48not flexifoil


RTF 4 line Set 25 m lines 500lb &  Handles.flexifoil £49.00

RTF ex 4 line Set 25 m lines 550lb & Handles.flexifoil £69.00