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su-2 Optima 2010

su-2  Optima 2010
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  • su-2 SU2 SU-2 su2  OPTIMA 2010

General Characteristics  4 sizes 125cm 132cm 130cm 135cm

  • The offered models cover every type of a rider. From the simple, highly
  • comfortable Optima for the beginners, up to a bamboo-finished Prorider Wood for
  • the most advanced kite surfers.
  • The top side of the board is protected by high quality epoxy resin in conjunction
  • with layers of glass to ensure high durability.
  • The bottom of the board is always matt and additionally it has tens of thousands
  • very small holes. This solution causes the aquaplaning effect which makes the
  • board ride faster as water fills these gaps up, creating microscopic bearings.
  • Fast acceleration, enables reaching high speeds easily, reduced drag makes the
  • rider put very little effort into doing so.
  • Thin rails and full concave bottom (good upwind performance). They do not limit
  • the flexibility of the board (As is the case with commonly used material such as
  • ABS1)
  • Full concave shape, by the nature of physics, adds superior strength to the
  • boards without the need to over laminate them with heavy extra glass layers
  • Thin rails filled with special elastic silicone resin (protects riders from cuts and
  • bruises).
  • Centred weight
  • Jumping:
  • Light construction + engineered flex (elastic wood + PVC) = Good heights
  • Very fast progression
  • Easy to jump after initiating the popping motion
  • Bindings
  • Ergonomic, highly adjustable binding system
  • Made of super lightweight EVA pads thermoformed on full carbon plates and
  • adjustable straps with memory foam
  • Each board has 2 sets of inserts enabling either narrower or wider stance
  • (adjustable to preferences, body proportions of an individual rider)
  • 1 thermoplastic used to make light, rigid, molded products
  • Core
  • Hand made in Poland
  • Made of highest quality materials - Combination of ultra light AIREX foam, high
  • quality pre-laminated wood centre core, among with fibreglass multiple layers.
  • Components are cut and shaped by the CNC machines (Computer Numerical
  • Control), next they are laminated together in the custom technology (handcrafted
  • by professionals)
  • Lamination Process
  • Each board is laminated individually, layer after layer (8hours of hand crafting
  • per board) using only the most advanced epoxy resins. kites essex .