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HQ 2.1m Symphony Beach 2 Foil Kite--------FROM

HQ 2.1m Symphony Beach 2 Foil Kite--------FROM
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 HQ 2.1m Symphony Beach 2 Foil Kite

  2 LINE.  COMES IN SIZES 1.3m/1.7m/2.1m.

If you are looking for your very first power kite

Then experience the Brand New Symphony Beach range from HQ

The Symphony Beach is for the beginner flyer who is stepping into power kiting for the very first time, or it's ideal for all the family to use at a day out at the park or beach. 

It's a kite that will offer a nice steady pull and smooth control but without the grunt of the bigger power kites on the market.

 The size you choose will depend on how much power you would like and the weight of the flyer.

The range offers great fun, exciting colours & amazing value for money  for beginners and advanced pilots due to their excellent flying characteristics. With their light pull and smooth response, the Symphony range is a great choice for the first time dual line foil flier.

All Symphony's are carefully hand-made according to the highest standards and from the finest materials. They pack- away into a small compact and stylish waist bag and are ideal for travel, holidays & or day out in the park! 

All HQ Symphony Power Kites come fully complete with lines and ready to fly.

The HQ Symphony 2.1M is the largest size in its class and will produce considerably more pull and more power than both 1.7M and the 1.3M but won't be as fast. The kite really emphasises the fun aspect of powerkite flying and is ideal for Beginners & Children aged 14 years and up.

When you purchase a kite from Sports Corner, water or land, you will receive the first repair free - within reason. This offer can be transferred to other kites you have or a friend even Free safety lesson.