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su-2 kiteboarder prorider neuron 2012

su-2 kiteboarder prorider neuron 2012
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su2 Prorider Neuron Black or White at £396  Sizes 135/41 and 137/43 s/h£300

 complet with fins straps pads

Prorider Neuron
Thanks to its new shape, technologically advanced design and high quality ultra-lightweight components, Neuron is the board to satisfy the most demanding riders.
The shape of the board enables it to reach high speeds easily, while maintaining full control by the rider. Thanks to its thin edges, Neuron provides you with an excellent up-wind potential. The new shape of the board, wider fin spacing and their modified profile, enable very fast turning. 
The profile of the rocker makes even the hardest landings of the most challenging freestyle tricks, easy and comfortable.

The new hybrid core, consisting largely from a high quality springy wood, provides Neuron with a superb pop, while calming any vibrations (like those you get while riding through choppy waters).

The 2011 Prorider Neuron board has become the flag model of SU-2 (particularly the 137x43 size), and it is likely to be manufactured without any major modifications for many seasons to come.

All 2011 boards are equipped with a new high-durability, UV resistant outer layer.
The board comes with high quality accessories: soft and comfortable silicon foot pads – enabling great grip and can be easily regulated to match the rider’s preferences as well as durable G-10 fins.

Available sizes:  135x41cm; 137x43cm

Postby Tone » 02 Nov 2011, 13:49

SU2 boards are amazing, SO smooth through chop, you can hold LOADS of power for pop and the landings are super soft...

and they are built to LAST!

I am not easy on my kit and my board has taken a pounding and still looks good!!!

Cracking price too!

get one!
On the water

    All our boards have one common goal – FUN. Among other boards on the market they are unique like chameleons among other species. Neither your mood nor weather and water conditions you encounter matter. Your SU-2 board will adapt to them and you will be stoked by upwind performance, massive pop, soft landings, overpowered or underpowered performance, mastering old or new school, precision control, great versatility and a smooth ride without face spraying.