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su-2 lightwind kiteboard 2013/14

su-2  lightwind kiteboard 2013/14
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su-2 Big Foot kitesurfboard 2014 

at £395. 3 colours and 3 sizes. Sizes 135/45, 140/45 and 145/45 155/45cm each board to its own colour

lightwind and heavier riders

complet with fins straps pads free post


Bigfoot is a legend of our fleet. It was first launched from our factory 8 years ago. It is a result of experiments aiming to determine, which width of a board is the most suitable for comfortable ride during the low winds. The answer is 45cm (remember that it is 2006 what we are talking about, back then, the average board 135 cm long was 38-39 cm wide). The tendency towards widening the boards became common only during the last 2 years. Moreover, Bigfoot is the lightest board available on the market and its construction proved to be so excellent that it hasn’t been changed since the first day of production.

This is the best proposal for those, who want to start their adventure with Kite. Every good Rider or instructor knows, how important are the first moments on the board, developing proper reactions is crucial. This board is prepared ideally for this task, it is perfect for those who are starting their training. It is extremely durable and stable. Thanks to it you won’t lose your heart at the beginning of training which is quite often when taking up any sporting activity.

Bigfoot is purposed for the freeride training but it is also perfect for the freeride during the low winds. It is hard enough and its maneuverability is fitted to the abilities of the beginning and intermediate Riders. If you are looking for a training board stop now, because you have found it.

The idea behind Big Foot is the extension of the lower end of the wind range without compromising the fun from kitesurfing by getting rid of the need to use those big slow kites.

Substantial concave, low weight and the profile of the rocker, along with thin edges provide Big Foot with an incredible up-wind potential

At weak and very weak winds, instead of fighting to keep the position against the wind, Big Foot enables the rider to practice jumps and tricks. When the wind picks up the board still behaves very well and stays easily-controllable.
In recent years, due to the comfort and ease with which one can cruise up-wind in any wind conditions, Big Foot has been perceived as a perfect board for training purposes both by beginners and advanced kite surfers.
Unlike many bigger boards available in the market, Big Foot does not give the impression of a heavy, bulky board that prevents you from doing tricks. That’s why many riders treat it as an essential part of their quivers for years. 
All 2011 boards are equipped with a new high-durability, UV resistant outer layer.
The board comes with high quality accessories: soft and comfortable silicon foot pads – enabling great grip and can be easily regulated to match the rider’s preferences as well as durable G-10 fins.
Available sizes: 135x45cm; 140x45cm; 145x45cm
Please note that every Big Foot size has its own individual colour assigned to it.

All our boards have one common goal – FUN. Among other boards on the market they are unique like chameleons among other species. Neither your mood nor weather and water conditions you encounter matter. Your SU-2 board will adapt to them and you will be stoked by upwind performance, massive pop, soft landings, overpowered or underpowered performance, mastering old or new school, precision control, great versatility and a smooth ride without face spraying.