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kite bar 4 or 5 line depower one bar for all kites----From

kite bar 4 or 5 line depower one bar for all kites----From
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 Kite Attitude Bar: Heavy Duty and Secure

20m or 23m lines  4 or 5 line free post

The new secure and versatile Kite Attitude bar works for all C-Kites, all bow kites and most SLE kites.

From now on, you need only one bar for all your kites, whatever the surface! The bar ends feature 4 possible settings corresponding to : 45 cm, 50 cm, 55 cm and 60 cm!

We put strong emphasis on quality: the smooth and rounded bar center protects the ropes and the eva foam; the elastics to hold the back flying lines at the bar end go back into the bar ends when flying the kite; bumps for your fingers to better control the kite...

This bar is really secure:
KA-Move quick releaser, "double depower"
- secure leash (also meets Afnor safety standards): can be connected either to one of the front lines, or in double depower mode, to relaunch your kite more easily

This bar is the most versatile on the market.

We now offer 2 bar sizes:
- bar for 45 cm to 60 cm: most versatile on the market: big kites, small kites... and one bar
- bar for 40 to 55 cm: for those of you that never use big kites (14 and above)

The bar features massive depower: the throw is 65 cm long (26''). Enjoy waveriding! Gusts become a breeze!

The bar is highly secure:
- it comes with the 2011 KA-Move quick releaser, with cleat and swivel
- the quick releaser complies with the French S 52-503 Afnor standard; it means you can safely release when the kite pulls very much, even though there is wet sand in the quick releaser (you get dragged onto the beach...) or it is freezing
- the leash can connect to either one front line, to totally depower the kite, or in "double depower mode" (very short 5th line, twice the throw length)

see also last year's universal bar


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The only Universal Kite Attitude bar: works with all kite brands and all kite sizes!!!   Works with all SLE (supported leading edge), hybrid, Bow and C kites!!!

For instance, this bar is compatible with Best, North, Naish, RRD, Slingshot, Cabrinha, Lou Wainman, Zeeko, F One Bandit III and 4, Griffin, Airush, Ozone, Liquid Force, and all other "old" C kites.

This bar is the most versatile bar on the market: you can customize it very easily, depending on your riding skills.

Thanks to its unique bar ends, this bar can fit any kite size, from 40 to  55 cm: 40, 45, 50 and 55.
Note: if you want to ride with kites over 14m2, we suggest you take the 45 to 60 bar.

We pay attention to every single aspect of the bar when designing it:

- High quality kite lines and ropes, so there is no difference in sizes over the long run, and your kite lines remain all the same length,

- stitching and sewing in France for better quality,

- High quality Wichard pulley to prevent the depower rope from wearing out too quickly,

- composite bar,

- bar center protecting the eva foam and the depower rope to increase the life duration of your depower rope,

- very easy maintainance: replacing ropes or gear is very fast and simple

- bar ends with multiple settings: one bar fits all...

- customize it (see the Q & As...): reduce throw, add a stopper, change the leash to "kill switch mode", add a 5th line, add a short fifth line, configure it exactly like a Cabrinha IDS or Core, use the freestyling kit, ...

- freestyling kit included: adjustable stopper and neoprene bar end covers to better protect your fingers when performing kite loops:


Most universal kiteboarding bar on the market

Here is a - non exhaustive - list of kite brands that can be used with the Kite Attitude bar:

- Best (Waroo, Kahoona, Taboo, Bularoo...)
- North (Evo, Rebel, Vegas, Fuse, Neo, Buzz, Solid, Lizard...)
- Eclipse (Thruster, Nano, Kima...)
- Naish (Charger, Cult, Helix, Torch, Park, Bolt...)
- RRD (Obsession, Passion, Type, Addiction, Religion...)
- Slingshot (RPM, Rev, Octane...)
- Cabrinha (X Bow, Switchblade, Convert...)
- F-One (Bandit III, Bandit IV...)
- Lou Wainmann (Boss, Rabbit, Smoke, Gypsy, Bunny...)
- Takoon (Furia, Chrono, Soul, Pure, Wook, Scoop, ...)
- Flexifoil (Hadlow, Ion, Proton, Quark...)
- Zeeko (Notus, Krush...)
- Ozone (Zephyr, Catalyst, C4, Edge..)
- Flysurfer
- Airush
- Epic Kites
- Gin
- Catapult
- LidEarth
- Peter Lynn
- Twister
- Concept Air