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Best Breeze light-wind twin-tip

NEW 145cm only blue one

Best Breeze light-wind twin-tip
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 Breeze light-wind twin-tip

The Breeze is a high surface area twintip, with 2 sizes 145 x 44cm and 158 x 45.5cm offering optimal solutions to riders of different weights. Both board designs offer an open door to the world of light wind riding appealing to riders of all styles and skill levels.

Breeze: Product features


Transverse, unidirectional reinforcement across the top of the Breeze

allow us to deliver a low-weight, yet responsive, high surface area

twintip board. The Breeze is perfect for light wind conditions and fit

for the needs of heavier riders who demand a larger board- no one

wants to ride a wet noodle.

Step Rails:

For real light wind performance you need minimum drag and

unimpeded water flow under your board. Our Step Rail design stiffens

your board and helps direct water more efficiently across the

underside of your board, maximizing lift and minimizing drag to get

you planing before anyone else.

Double concave:

The Breeze’s subtle Double Concave base design helps you stay in

control even in choppy conditions. Flattening the effective rocker line

towards the tips gives you greater edge to edge control allowing you

to lay down smooth and wide transitions making it the perfect board

both for light wind conditions and for heavier riders who prefer a low

volume board.

Wood Flex core:

Our Wood Flex Core is made exclusively from choice grain Paulownia

wood. A vertical laminate orientation creates the perfect blend of

lightweight construction and endless durability. CNC profiling of

upper and lower deck surfaces ensures a lively yet controlled feel

underfoot from a board that slices through the chop due to its low

profile cross section.

Discrete Mounting Wide:

A wider, longer board benefits from a slightly wider stance that allows

you push the tail and rail over for maximum control. We’ve modified

our Discrete Mounting System specifically for the Breeze to give you

more stance options that allow you put your feet closer to the heel

side rail and exert more control over the tips of your board for

maximum light wind performance.