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Training kite 2m

Made in the ozone factory

Training kite 2m
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Training kite 2m
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Training kite 2m - heavy duty bar and lines. 

New 2-line.

Mesh air intake

Will need wrist safety

Nicely built - comes with instructions.  Complete with bag

Colour - Red


 These  2 line kites are made in the Ozone factory and thus you can rely on the high quality of materials and workmanship associated with all Ozone products.

These kites are very easy to launch, fly, and handle. Very quick with little pull to them, a great kite for your kids to play around on. Something to not only keep your kids busy while you’re in the water, but also to grant them an entry into the sport you love so much. Makes a great gift for anyone looking to have some fun with a trainer kite.
These are great value No Nonsense kites aimed at those people on a budget that want to try out kiting without putting a big hole in their pocket.
These kites are suitable for everyone, OK they are not super powerful but you will be able to do as much with the DP Squirt as you would any entry level 2 line foil and they fly a whole lot better than many other brands out there.