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Mutiny S-series

Mutiny S-series
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Mutiny S-Series 2012 Wave Kite

 The S-Series stands for Surf. It also stands for Stoked, which is exactly how you’ll feel after every Session.

The S-Series turns fast even when depowered, allowing you to keep it exactly where you want it, no matter where you are in a wave. Its huge amount of depower and light bar pressure allow you to effortlessly control the power, turning it off when running down a large face or engaging it to power around the broken section. With such direct and easy control, you don’t need to be a world champion to pick up your board and hit the swell. 

Mutiny has used its engineering expertise to create a simple kite with no gizmos - it just works, regardless of your ability. There’s only one connection point for each of the four lines, one bridle configuration and one inflation point. Simple. Unlike many other Surf kites, the S-Series is super-stable. It won’t fall out of the sky when you run down the line, which is crucial when the waves are glassy and it’s gusty offshore conditions. 

Like all Mutiny Kites, the S-Series has been built to last. We understand that crashing a kite in the waves really punishes you and your kit. To help prevent this, the S-Series re-launches quickly and easily. Should that not be fast enough, you can rest assured that your kite is reinforced in all the right places, allowing you to shred the next set! The S-Series’ advanced design is hidden by its simplicity and although it’s targeted at the waves it still thrives when there is no swell. Its stability, easy relaunch, fast turn rate and simple jumping ability also make it a perfect kite for progressing riders who want to try their tricks with confidence.